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Warangal By Elections Exit poll results 2015

Warangal By polls Exit Polls Survey, Exit Polls Survey on Warangal By elections, Warangal By Elections Exit poll results 2015.

All Political Parties eyes on Warangal By polls Results 2015, several parties and TV channels are conducting their own surveys and reportedly, all those are giving the mixed results.

An exit poles survey has been a tradition in the politics. In many situations, these results have matched with the actual ones. So currently, this survey results, are hinting the threat to the TRS party in the state.

An exit polls survey conducted regarding the upcoming Warangal by-polls, is giving the mixed results.

Warangal By Elections Exit poll results 2015

A few Results stated that, TRS party is going to get at least a majority of 3.5 lakh. But the recent consequences TRS faced in Warangal by-polls campaigning, are hinting that, this figure might be reduced.

Out of the 7 assembly constituencies, TRS party is strong in two, through which, the maximum majority can be obtained.

Coming to the remaining five constituencies, two are against TRS and there is no scope of getting any majority, from those constituencies. In the remaining three constituencies, an average majority can be expected to TRS.

On the whole, taking all Warangal constituencies into account, the exit poles survey is hinting that, TRS would be getting a minimum of 1.5 lakh and the maximum of the 3.5 lakh majority in the by-polls.

The analysts say that, it would be tough for the TRS, to get the huge majority, as it got in the 2014 elections.

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