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Warangal & Khammam house hold survey Figures Surprise Officials

houseWarangal & Khammam districts stood out with different set of figures with regard to households and population when officials ventured for survey. The numbers encountered were way too much above previous estimates and have thrown the survey schedule haywire.

At least 50,000 more households were discovered in Khammam district than previously expected. 7.6 lakh households were recorded in the 2011 census and the officials made arrangements to collect information from approximately 8.6 lakh households.

But the real figure is 50,000 above that. Similarly, Warangal is left with 10,000 households even after a second day of survey.

Apart from unexpectedly high households, some laxity on part of revenue officials seem to have contributed to the mismatch between expected and real figures. Some revenue officials have been suspended for negligence of duty.

On a wider note, the unexpected increase in the number of households may force the government to change the way it implements welfare plans in the district, believe officials.

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