Watch NTR Nannaku Prematho Interview Video


NTR Nannaku Prematho Interview Video: Tollywood Young Tiger NTR is busy promoting his upcoming family entertainer Nannaku Prematho which is getting ready for a humongous release on January 13th 2016. Directed by Sukumar, the film has Rakul Preet Singh as the heroine.

NTR Nannaku Prematho Interview Video

Q) You are sporting a completely different look in this film. What is the reason for this transformation ?

Ans) No particular reason, but I okayed it after Sukumar suggested to try a stylish look in the film. I am huge fan of Sukumar’s movies and his creativity. He is one director who dabbles with offbeat scripts and unconventional narration. I was completely impressed with the storyline and agreed to sport a different look to look my part in the film.

Q) What feed back did you get about this different look ?

Ans) Sukumar liked my getup very much. My mother couldn’t understand what I am trying to do and my son was frightened. I am worried whether he could recognize me or not when I get back into my normal look.

Q) How well have the audience received your new look ?

Ans) Initially, I was nervous on how the new look will go with my fans and general audience. Much to my surprise, the first look generated a tremendous positive response. There was also some negative feedback as my close sources said that it may not go well with general audience.

Q) What was the reason behind the soft title – Nannaku Prematho ?

Ans) Nannaku Prematho was not the film we were initially supposed to work. Sukumar narrated me another story and we were about to start the project. After few days, when Sukumar’s father was in hospital he said this story to my producer. After completing all the formalities, he came up with the complete draft. The story is about the last wish of a father and how his son fulfills it. I was completely impressed with the narration and gave the nod. We felt that the soft title is apt for our storyline.

Q) What changes have you made in your personal life in recent times ?

Ans) I changed a lot after Abhay Ram came into my life. I toned down my attitude and I have more responsibility now. Nannaku Prematho has bought many changes in me. Every frame in the film has a close connection to my personal life.

Q) How did you feel while working for the film ?

Ans ) I was very excited and emotional while working for the film. There was a scene in the climax where I need to showcase different emotions and it took me more than 20 minutes to come out of the feeling. My cinematographer also became emotional while canning the scene.

Q) Was there a thought of postponement when Devi Sri Prasad was bereaved of his father ?

Ans) Postponement was not in our mind, but what should we do next was the question in all of us. We heard the news while shooting in Spain and I felt sorry for Devi. After a couple of days, I received a message that he resumed his work. It was his dedication on work and my team is indebted to him. Many incidents in recent times have a close relation to the film.

Q) We heard that your character has different shades in the film ?

Ans) No ! My character has only one shade and the story is all about a son who fulfills the last wish of his loving father. There are no dual shades and the story takes place in a span of 30 days.

Q) Is Nannaku Prematho a different film in Sukumar’s style ?

Ans) The narration will be in a regular format, but the screenplay, making dialogues and characterization will be quite different from my previous films.

Q) With 4 films slated for a grand release this Sankranthi, can the exhibitors accommodate screens to all the films ?

Ans) Long run is no longer a trend in Tollywood. Gone are those days when films used to run for 175 days and 100 days. The stamina for Telugu cinema is being scaled on the collections in the first two weeks. Also, majority of the films are releasing during festival seasons, so the exhibitors can sensibly accommodate screens to all the films to bag profits. In the past, films like Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalli Chettu and Nayak fared pretty well despite releasing during the same season. I hope all the four films will succeed big-time at the box office this Sankranthi.