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Welcome to Telangana Video – Official Tourism Film


Welcome to Telangana video – Official Tourism Film of the 29th state in the country. all the places and topics are covered include Glorious Legacy of Dynasties, Rich Confluence of Cultures, Pleathora of Pristine Natural Beauty, Speed Boating Rides, Serene Lakes, Cascading Waterfalls, Wild Life Adventures, Historical Rocky Terrain, Ancient Rock Art Paintings, Marvelous Architecture, Magnificent Palaces, Grandeur Forts, Spectacular Sunsets, Unique Festivals, Tribal Art Forms, Fine Craftsmanship, Waves of Handlooms.

Welcome to Telangana video HD

The Message Conveyed by Telangana Tourism through the ‘Welcome To Telangana’ initiative – ‘Every Place Has A Story For You – Every Moment Is An Experience For You’.

Government of Telangana did a commendable job in promoting Tourism in the state with a spectacular film ‘Welcome To Telangana’. This promotional video certainly boosts the tourism in the new state.

Welcome To Telangana (Official Tourism Film)

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