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Wow Hyderabad! The makings of a global city


The grand old city of Hyderabad has all the makings to metamorphose into the world’s best city. Ever since it was founded in 1591 by Mohd. Quli Qutub shah, Hyderabad has been growing bigger and bigger.

Telangana tourism fairHyderabad and Secunderabad called twin cities are rechristened as tri cities with the inclusion of Cyberabad. Widely known across the globe for its rich composite culture, great cuisine, heritage sites such as Charminar and Mecca masjid, it is fast emerging as one of the most admired cities.

Hyderabad is fast emerging as one of the most admired cities in India. It has large talent pool and the IT sector has become its crowning glory

It has large talent pool, and the IT sector has become its crowning glory. Geographically speaking Hyderabad has all the potential to outgrow any mega city in the world. Establishing world class schools, colleges, universities and advanced research centers in diverse disciplines no doubt tops the priority list for the govt of Telangana.

Hyderabad can be a leading world city and its commerce, education, finance, healthcare, research and development, tourism and travel industry, arts and culture will contribute to its prominence.

Innovative and out of the box tax structures should make Hyderabad as preferred city not only to invest in, but also to work and live in. The State government should roll out red carpet welcome to the national and global players to join the movement and make this mission a reality.

The eco-friendly city with widening of roads, effective traffic management, improved drainage network and 24/ 7 power and drinking water supply deserve immediate attention. The world class security structure with dedicated real time analysis team that focuses on prevention rather than response to become top priority considering the history of incidents to try and make it as safe as possible. Let us rededicate ourselves in making Hyderabad as the best city in the world.

Dr. E. Prasad Rao
Chairman, Paramita group of schools

Source: Metro India

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